We are a heavy metal band from London, UK.


These bands go on a number of foreign tours throughout the year.


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LOGO1The concept of ‘Mass Suicide Society’ was developed when all five members of our group were in college. We all had an inclination towards heavy and rock music since when we were in college. Fortunately, each of us had interest in different parts of music, for example, I was good with vocal and guitar; one of my fellow group member was good with drums, except for Snakes, his only obsession was to figure out what is best fishing knife, so yea we had to part ways with him. This way we all fit automatically to form a heavy metal band.

Getting the right instruments was a challenge. The instruments were expensive. I remember saving up my lunch money to buy some good instruments. The rest of the band members were also looking for ways to earn money. Once we had a setup, we first played at an event in school. Our performance was much appreciated. Thus, we decided to take the band forward.

We take inspirations from literature, history, and wars and put it in our music. We provide the lyrics and composition of our own songs. We try to participate in all those giant heavy metal music festivals taking place around the world every year. These festivals attract metal bands from all over the world. We get to observe their performance and learn many things from them. There was this band called The Metal Detectors that we met on Fields of Rock in the Netherlands, they really helped us a lot by giving us tons of advice when we were just starting out. This helps us improve our performance as a heavy metal artist.

We have already released six albums so far; another one is on the pipeline which is expected to be released by the end of this year. We have managed to attract a portion of the heavy metal fans and we want to steer forward in our life.