mass suicide societyWe are a heavy metal band from London, UK. This site is about our passion for music. Legendary music bands have been putting new groups and materials into the heavy metal and hard rock music, encouraging modern bands like us to take it to an even greater height.

This site is full of rock music, album reviews, interviews with musicians, concerts, news, articles and updates about hard rock and heavy metal and many more. The page includes our experiences of the many world tours that we have gone to; the concerts we had participated in. Within a very short period of time, we have managed to make a huge audience for our songs. People seem to love our music and we are trying our best to give them more. From this website, our fans will be able to know more about our band, when new album or songs will be released and where we are going to head for our next concert. If you want to see us live, you can also purchase tickets for our concerts from here. You can buy t-shirts, CDs, signed guitars, etc. as a souvenir.

So, if you love our music you can be in touch with us from here.