Most beautiful cities where we played

We have toured almost one third of the world with our heavy metal band. There were cities which were extremely welcoming, where as other places were boring. I personally like visiting a city a couple of days before the concert. This way you get to view the major attractions of the city. The cities we loved travelling to for our music were the cities that appreciate music, especially hard metal. We always love performing in the following cities:


It is the birthplace of gospel music. Every night there would be gospel singing somewhere in the city. People of Chicago love heavy metal. You can hear different mixes of heavy metals when you are in the city of Chicago.


Paris is a musical city. People here love all kinds of music, including heavy metals. A number of musical events are held in Paris throughout the year. We love Paris not only because we have fun playing here as so many people love heavy metals, but also because the city is full of entertainment and creativity. There are the famous painters and broad way actors. The city is full of talented people.


London is a city of mixed culture. It is our home city as well. There is nothing like playing music for our own people. This city has given us so much. Every time we participate in a concert or festival, we feel that we are giving something back to this city.

Each city has something unique to offer. The audiences of every city are also different due to the difference in culture and taste of music. It feels really great when we see that people of different cities and cultures love our music. This gives us a sense of achievement and helps us to move forward