Some famous venues where we played

The concert experience is one of the best experiences of a metal band. It is a platform to meet similar minded people. These bands go on a number of foreign tours throughout the year. In Europe, these are the some of the best venues to hear and see live heavy metal music.

Clisson, France


Hellfest 2015 was held here in June of this year. This was a festival of extreme music. The event took place for three days in seven different stages. It is one of the most popular heavy metal festivals in the world. You could hear folk metals to thrash metal and all that in between. This is considered France’s third biggest festival.

Wacken, Germany


Wacken Open Air Festival this year was held here. The slogan of this festival is ‘Faster, Harder, Louder’ ! So, you can imagine how noisy this heavy metal festival was. This festival has been held every year since 1990. Many heavy metal bands from all over the world come and participate in this festival. The event goes on for three days. The audiences have immense fun in this show for years now.

Dinkelsbühl, Germany


Summer Breeze 2016 will be held here. It will be the 19th time the show will be staged. The event will go on for three days. There will be three stages to perform.

Our brand ‘Mass Suicide Society’ is going to participate in all these festivals. These festivals are a good platform for getting close to the customers.