We want customers to remember us forever. So, we provide them with some of our exclusive brand related products. These are something they can cherish throughout their lives. These include:



We sell CDs of our music. Some CDs include compilation of all our previous songs. We sometimes include special unreleased tracks also as a bonus.



T-shirts with our band name and logo, along with pictures of all the members are one of the best selling items on our site. Buy some T-shirts for your friends, nephews and nieces; they will love these. We have T-shirts of all the three major sizes of small, medium and large. We have more than five different designs of T-shirts. Pick whichever you like. In case the size doesn’t fit you, you can easily change it or get a refund.



We proudly provide the posters of our band, along with our autographs. Our fans love it and most of them hang it on their walls.



Mugs are a perfect gift for any occasion. Our designs are unique and if you are a heavy metal fan, you will love it. You can drink coffee on it or display it with your other collectibles.



Caps with our logo simply look awesome. Our caps are black in color; the white color of the logo highlights the cap design. If you ever come to our live concert, wear the cap. Then we will know that you are our biggest fans.



We have small shoulder bags in our store with our logo on it. You can carry your important belongings in it when you are traveling. The bags are made of high quality materials.

Throughout the year, discounts and special prices are offered on all our products. You get discounts for special occasions or for group purchase. Soon, we will have more items in our store.